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When to move up to NL25
  Cro)Deadman, Aug 23 2012

currently playing NL10, got 600$, my style is a bit Lagish and I don't like being hit by variance so at what amount to move up, 700 or more?


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Playing again.
  Cro)Deadman, Jul 24 2012

NL5 w/ 200$ , 85 in 3 days without using PT3 HEM or any BS...

Also 6max now no nitring anymore, it crushes my soul.

Pretty much it <3 :-) !

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  Cro)Deadman, Feb 28 2010

Is the 2nd month of the year, it comes after the first month and before the third.

Not many people know it has 28 days.

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